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Homemade: A Quick Local Breakfast

We can’t all go to Barksdale’s, Bryant’s, or Brother Juniper’s for breakfast everyday. Well, I guess we could, but it would be a lot of work (waking up early) and a lot of food (especially gravy), so I think I’m good eating at the house most mornings before work. But you can throw together a great local breakfast in the comfort of your own home, which is what I did this morning! Here’s what went down (literally, down into my belly).

Have a great day out there!


Quck Bite: Toast + Honey = Money

I talked about this stuff in my recent farmers market post (here), but I wanted to get a little more specific about one of the combos that I put together from my excursions. You can follow my easy system to get the same breakfast enjoyment that I just did.

Step 1 Next time you are out at the Cooper-Young Farmers Market, head over to the Wolf River Honey tent and get a small sample of the cinnamon whipped honey. After confirming that I was right about it being awesome, get a jar to take home.

Step 2 Cross the great divide of parking lot to the Shoaf’s Loaf spot, and ask them (nicely) for a loaf of the wheat bread. You could also go with the sourdough, but I went with wheat, so I’ll tell it my way.

Step 3 Finish the rest of your market shopping and get out of the sun.

Step 4 Introduce the bread (sliced) to the tanning bed, or whatever you call your toaster.

Step 5 Play matchmaker like Emma to the bread and the toast. There has been no better connection since Miss Taylor and Mr. Martin.

Step 6 This is the difficult part. After seeing such a beautiful union of toast and honey, you now have to let them go together Thelma and Louise style.

Step 7 Eat

Step 8 Remember how good it was and that you have more bread and honey for later.

Step 9 Thank me for the recommendation.

I hope you like it as much as I do! But get to the market to give it all a shot. It is worth it. See you there!