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Cochon Heritage BBQ – Meet the Chefs – Todd Mussman

Here’s the last interview I have before the big event. Todd Mussman comes to us from Atlanta and his places Local Three Kitchen and Bar and Muss & Turners. He’s been a part of Cochon events in the past, so he is a natural for this one!

from Local Three website

Here we go!

Cochon Chef Interview

Introduce yourself and let us know a little about you. Thanks! 
I’m Todd Mussman, chef and Partner in both Local Three Kitchen and Bar (2years old) as well as Muss & Turner’s (7 years) , both in metro Atlanta. I’m originally from the Boston area and have lived in Atlanta for about 16 years.

 What lured you into competing in Cochon Heritage BBQ?
I was lucky enough to be a part of the first couple Cochon events here in Atlanta and Brady has been asking me about this for a while…..it sounds fun.

In addition to a competition, Cochon is really about highlighting heritage breed pork. What’s your take on heritage breeds and why they’re important?
We have been using local producers for quite some time, infact one of my team members is also the farmer who raises our hogs, Tommy Searcey.  Really, besides the taste, the fact we are supporting our local small family farms and our community is good enough for me.  Not only knowing where your food came from but who grew it just feels good to us.

What breed of pig will you be using in the competition? Why’d you pick that one?
We are going Yorkshire for Memphis.

What most excites you about your visit to Memphis?
I’ve never been there before so a new place to check out!  Also, pig and Bourbon are two  of my favorite things!

For the Memphis readers, if they were to travel to your town, what three places would you recommend they go to eat?
Shameless plug for my two spots Muss & Turners and Local Three but for the third (I know this is one of Brady’s fav’s too) Tasty China.  Authentic Szechuan Chinese….just unbelievable!

Lastly, rapid fire:

Ribs, dry or wet:  Dry
Barbecue ribs or sandwich:  
Bourbon – what’s your favorite:  
that’s really hard, we have about 100 at L3….Eagle Rare…
Neat or on the rocks:  

Thanks Todd!

Todd is a veteran of the Cochon competitions, so I know he’ll come prepared. With his knowledge, experience, and passion for good food, we’re all in for a treat this afternoon. See you there!


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