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The Brunch Report – Sweet Grass Sunday

K rolled back into town today (2 Sundays ago at this point) around brunch time, so it was a great chance for us to go out, so that I could get the scoop on her travels. The usual brunch plan involves rolling over towards Cooper Young and figuring out a plan from there. Sweet Grass was […]

Beauty and my Best Photo Ever?

I take ok photos. I also use a pretty decent camera, which helps, so must of the shots that I post on the blog are pretty decent. None are great like those by Sophorn, Kip, Amanda, and others, but some are pretty good. It helps that my subject matter is normally something that is pleasing […]

I Am an Easter Feaster

Don’t Be a Sucka – Wear Seersucker Easter. A day of rejoicing, singing, seersucker and Lily P, and feasting. In case you aren’t aware, Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, so it is a pretty big deal. For many of us, the first chance to say Alleluia after Lent is the perfect time to […]

The Brunch Report – Getting Loc at the Hi-Tone

Loco for Loc When I think of the Hi-Tone, two things come to mind. First, as anyone my age can attest, almost anytime I hear the word Tone, I think of the word Loc. I remember listening to Wild Thing on the way to MUS almost everyday for a couple of years in one of […]

The Brunch Report: Restaurant Iris!

“And if you don’t know, now you know” -Notorious B.I.G. Here comes The Brunch Report, back in action and hopefully better late than never!  Last weekend the stars aligned and my Dallas brother and KC sister were in town on different business.  I was one Atlanta stepsister short of seeing all of my siblings in […]

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