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The Brunch Report – Sweet Grass Sunday

K rolled back into town today (2 Sundays ago at this point) around brunch time, so it was a great chance for us to go out, so that I could get the scoop on her travels. The usual brunch plan involves rolling over towards Cooper Young and figuring out a plan from there. Sweet Grass was […]

Cochon Heritage BBQ – Meet the Chefs – Ryan Trimm of Sweet Grass

As part of Cochon Heritage Barbecue week, I reached out to the competing chefs to run a few questions by them, so that we could all get to know the players that will be cooking this weekend. This time, we’ve got Ryan Trimm of Sweet Grass and Sweet Grass Next Door (I totally just realized […]

Bill the Butcher and His Platter Next Door

If you are familiar with Gangs of New York, you certainly remember Bill “the Butcher” Cutting. This is what he would order at Sweet Grass Next Door. The butcher plate, a combination of the cheese plate and the charcuterie plate. Between the delicious cheeses, house-cured meats (pickled beef tongue, pork loaf, duck something or other), reduction […]

Sweet Grass After Class

I’ve written about it before, but my mom recently started a new art school slash gallery space, where she and a number of great artists teach classes to people ranging from my skill level (little) to other pros. Well, I am always down for some good art instruction, and it is cool to have a […]

Totally Sweet (Grass)!

What’s the word? One of the best things that has happened since I started writing this little blog is that more and more people have been giving me recommendations about their favorite or cool new places to eat. I love getting this info, both because it gives me insight on new places to go and […]

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