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Chefs, Cookbooks, Charity, Collards, and the Catbird Seats

Since getting this thing started, I have written a lot about meals and special events over on Brookhaven Circle. K and I have spent a lot of time at Andy and Mike’s spots Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen and Hog & Hominy. Since AMIK and Muddy’s opened pretty close to each other and are essentially neighbors, […]

The Fab Fifteen – Chef’s Choice at Iris

Back during the summer my mom decided to turn a normal weekend into a Memphis staycation. Since she wasn’t going out of town, she decided to treat Memphis like she would treat another city while on vacation. That meant going out to dinner with K and I. So, imagine you’re from somewhere other than Memphis […]

English Class: Bobbies, Piggies, and Roert Peel – The tale of the Tamworth

  Three weeks (ish) ago, my neighborhood hosted the awesome, annual Fourth of July parade. Since the parade route goes right past our house, and our porch overs a stunning vantage point for the festivities, K and I have had a morning party at our house each year we’ve been here. We get all kinds […]

A Little Place Called Aspen

I’m talkin’ about a place where the beer flows like wine. Where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talkin’ about a little place called Aspen. I’m talkin’ about a place where the bourbon flows like win. Where Berkshires and Tamworths rule. Where Kelly English reps our hood. I’m talkin about a […]

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler, or, My Fat Tuesday at Iris

During the time I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve found a couple of helpful hints for the potential blogger out there. Don’t be afraid to take your camera into a restaurant. As much as I hate toting my murse (camera bag/man purse) around, the photos I get from my DSLR are much better than those […]

The Prince

So, Cochon 555 was 9 days ago, and it still feels like yesterday. I kind of feel like Will Farrell in Old School, when he finishes his debate. So, now that I’ve come to after a Cochon-induced blackout, I can safely say that February 4 was one of the best culinary experiences of my life. […]

Cochon555 – Words From People That Know Pig – Interview with Kelly English, Michael Hudman, Andy Ticer, and Brady Lowe

Let’s take it back a bit. A good while ago I found out that Cochon555 had Memphis on the tour this year. That went a little like this: T: Holy Berkshire! K: What? T: Cochon is coming to Memphis!!! This is only the coolest sounding food event that I have ever heard of. 5 pigs […]

10 Meals I’m Thankful For!

I’m sitting at home with my tie loosened and my sport coat thrown over a chair as I attempt a rapid recovery from round 1 of the K&T Thanksgiving Double. Round one saw a grand buffet at the club, and I’m prepping myself for round two over at K’s dad’s house. I always joke with […]

The Brunch Report – Iris – The Ultimate Birthday Brunch

As you can see by the date above, it was a few weeks ago that my family got together to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday at Restaurant Iris. Before I go anywhere, I’d be remiss not to say that Dodie is a fantastic grandmother and a fantastic woman. She’s been a constant positive influence in my […]

The Brunch Report: Restaurant Iris!

“And if you don’t know, now you know” -Notorious B.I.G. Here comes The Brunch Report, back in action and hopefully better late than never!  Last weekend the stars aligned and my Dallas brother and KC sister were in town on different business.  I was one Atlanta stepsister short of seeing all of my siblings in […]

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