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The Things I Do – Bacon Coffee Edition

I called my mom this afternoon to tell her a story about how Eat Local Memphis has affected my life. I had just finished a marathon lacrosse coaching session from 8-12 this morning, and I zipped over to Poplar Perk’n to get a hot drink. Without looking at the menu, I just ordered up a […]

Lattes and Lights on the Tree (Perk’n Edition)

Put em up! Today is one of my favorite days of the year. I can hear you now: “Thursday is your favorite day of the year? Weirdo, Seinfeld isn’t even on anymore” – nope “December 2 is your favorite? What’s up with that?” – nope, although I will give a high recommendation of the December […]

Voodoo is what I do at Poplar Perk’n

“I don’t know how you do the Voodoo that you do…” -Salt-n-Pepa* I drink coffee a lot.  French press, espresso, drip, work coffee, house coffee, latte, au lait, americano, columbiacano, whatever, it is all right with me.  But I really have two go-to drinks when it comes to coffee. I also like to make arbitrary […]

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