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Mardi, Mardi, We Like to Party

Like the proverbial Phoenix, Rising like a Phoenix Once again, the Phoenix Club is hosting their annual rager, the Mardi Gras & Casino Party Saturday night at the Cadre building. Trust me when I say that I have been to a couple of parties in my day, and then trust me when I say that this one is an awesome one. Why, two main reasons?

First, there are the vices:

  1. Drinks
  2. Gamling
  3. Loud Music
  4. Dancing

Second, there are the good things:

  1. You are a philanthropist. Snazzy, eh?
  2. Your ticket makes life better for the students that work with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Memphis


There are a couple of levels of tickets. Your $40 GA ticket will get you beer and specialty drinks, while you $75 VIP ticket gets you access to those plus a full bar plus some food from Central BBQ. And, your VIP ticket means that an extra $25 is going to a good cause. My advice is to get down there and have a good time for a good reason. Spend the extra to go VIP, because it is all for the kids.

Get your tickets online and save yourself some time.