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Small Plates, Big Taste

Do you ever go to a favorite website/blog and get disappointed when you see the same post holding court at the top of the page? Well, it gets pretty old when that happens over and over. You just hope that someone will write something, anything. Well, when that was happening to me when I’d check out […]

The Second Line is First Class

Ever since The Second Line was announced, Memphians (and a lot of food publications) have been eagerly awaiting Kelly English’s newest venture in the 901. I had the great pleasure of joining some friends and family for one last practice run before the official opening on Saturday at 4 (note, as they wait on a […]

Aye? Chiwawa!

A Remembrance of Treasures and Tacos Once upon a time there was a kid that grew up in Memphis. He can still remember that anytime his parents would take him Downtown or into Midtown, they would pass a jungle of a building on the South side of Madison. The impressionable youth would ask what it was all […]


    Back in action… I’ve long been a major proponent of all of Karen Carrier’s restaurants. She mixes a combination of awesome style and design with excellent, unique food at all of her spots, so I was definitely excited to finally get over to her newest spot Bar DKDC. At the new place, she […]

Alchemy is Magic

I went to Alchemy a bit ago to meet the new chef  Nick Seabergh and try out some of his items. Nick comes up to Memphis from Vicksburg, and he brings some real skill in the kitchen with him. Nice guy, who was definitely excited about cooking up here at Alchemy. I started out by just […]

The Brunch Report – Sweet Grass Sunday

K rolled back into town today (2 Sundays ago at this point) around brunch time, so it was a great chance for us to go out, so that I could get the scoop on her travels. The usual brunch plan involves rolling over towards Cooper Young and figuring out a plan from there. Sweet Grass was […]

Bolt to Evelyn and Olive

“Life is one experience that only a fool a could refuse” -Joe Higgs Somewhat recently, K and I hopped into the old family sedan and popped in one of my old favorite reggae albums for background music on our way to a new experience. There’s nothing quite like a small breeze coming through the window […]

The Fab Fifteen – Chef’s Choice at Iris

Back during the summer my mom decided to turn a normal weekend into a Memphis staycation. Since she wasn’t going out of town, she decided to treat Memphis like she would treat another city while on vacation. That meant going out to dinner with K and I. So, imagine you’re from somewhere other than Memphis […]

Quick Bites – Raw Midtown

Take-out. We all do it sometimes. And, I imagine if you are at all like me, you have a couple of go-to numbers that you dial when you realize it is past dinner time, you’re hungry, and you have nothing to cook. Here’s one of mine: Dial (901) 725-0005 Sekisui Midtown is probably less than […]

Shrimp and Mango – Let’s Tango

I was looking for something to pick up on my way home for lunch yesterday, and as I made my way East on Union, I remembered the perfect place. I jumped over to Madison, continued East, and pulled into the last parking lot on the right before I got to Cleveland. Walked out of the […]

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