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Bolt to Evelyn and Olive

“Life is one experience that only a fool a could refuse” -Joe Higgs

Somewhat recently, K and I hopped into the old family sedan and popped in one of my old favorite reggae albums for background music on our way to a new experience. There’s nothing quite like a small breeze coming through the window as the slow sounds of Joe Higgs lead the way to something new.

I still remember driving down University St. in Fort Collins, CO for the first time as I drove myself to school with Joe leading the way. It was only fitting that I brought him along to Memphis’ newest Jamaican restaurant, Evelyn & Olive.  With the mood set, we got down to business and after a few introductions from our friendly server, we found ourselves sipping wine and the cane sugared Jamaican lemonade seen above. Cane sugar makes a big difference, thus it was great.

For the food we started with the Kingston cabbage, which was sauteed in Caribbean spices along with sweet peppers. It definitely got us off to a good start.

Next up we got the grilled jerk shrimp, which were delicious and well spiced. They came with rice and a nice little salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

We also got the awesome Kingston stew fish, which was tilapia pan-seared with Jamaican spices, pimento, country pepper and scallions, served with rice & peas. This was my favorite part of the meal. Definitely a good choice.

For dessert, we got the bread pudding, because, why wouldn’t you get the bread pudding? Am I right? It was a highly seasoned variation with a nice cinnamon cream to go with it.

Overall it was a great meal, and it is a great new(ish) addition to the Memphis dining scene. I always like when we get more options to try different regional cuisine. My advice is to fire up your best reggae tunes and bolt on down Madison to Evelyn and Olive.

See you there!


You want to go to there:

Evelyn and Olive
630 Madison Ave
Memphis, Tn 38103

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