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Viva Italia – Clan Gordon Family Dinner 2012

Every year the young members of the Gordon family, K and her siblings and all the significant others, eagerly await Christmas time. Not only do we get to spend a lot of time together during the holidays, we also have the Clan Gordon dinner to look forward to. K’s dad and stepmom schedule a serious […]

Hello Ciao Bella!

Chef Johnathan Steenerson and his team at Ciao Bella invited me over for dinner the other night to get to know them, to serve as a ‘guinea pig’ for a couple of new dishes, and to try out some of the stalwarts on the menu. I was happy to accept after embarrassingly letting them know […]

Hog & Hominy, or How Brookhaven is in Good Hands – Birthday Week – Italian Feast parts 1 & 3

Ok here’s the deal. I turned 31 on July 7. From July 6-12, I was in full fledged birthday week feast mode. In setlist form it went something like this: Iris > House Party > Country Club > Italian Feast (Hog & Hominy > Andrew Michael > Hog & Hominy) > Iris It was epic. […]

Someone’s Words about Hog & Hominy

  Great article about my buddies Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman and the opening of their new restaurant Hog & Hominy in today’s CA. “Man, I haven’t slept in a week,” said Andy Ticer, but lack of sleep is expected when you’re running one successful restaurant, with a chef-business partner, and opening another just diagonally […]

Bari, Brad Pitts, and Battleship

Here’s the deal. When enough people rave about things, you should probably start listening. Raise your hand if you’ve heard this before: Brad Pitts is the best bartender in Memphis and the bar at Bari is awesome. -Almost everybody If you haven’t heard that, then you haven’t been listening. And if you haven’t seen that, […]

Swine to the Nines

The benefit of blogging about a meal that only happens once a year (and is a custom menu) is that I guess it isn’t a big deal if I forget to actually post the piece for a few months. Things like that are the collateral damage of having your local eat local blog writer also […]

No Menu? No Problem! Andrew Michael Edition

First a Flash-Forward What you see above is the menu at Andrew Michael that we received after finishing our dinner. “What” you say? That’s right, on No-Menu Monday, you don’t get to see the menu until after the dinner. Why would anyone do that? Why would a consumer give up their choice to come get […]

Andrew Michael – Italian Stallions

K and I went out for a little date at one of Memphis’ newer awesome restaurants, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen (really, check out their awesome website).  Michael Hudman, the Michael of the name, is a friend of mine going back to our battles on the lacrosse field first as opponents at MUS and CBHS then […]

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