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Viva Italia – Clan Gordon Family Dinner 2012

Every year the young members of the Gordon family, K and her siblings and all the significant others, eagerly await Christmas time. Not only do we get to spend a lot of time together during the holidays, we also have the Clan Gordon dinner to look forward to. K’s dad and stepmom schedule a serious […]

Happy Easter

How do a couple of 30 year olds combine the joys of Easter as a child with the responsibilities of bringing food to Easter brunch? This is how. Easter-style deviled eggs. You should have seen the chickens that laid those eggs! Not really, we just dyed the egg whites while we made the filling. All […]

2nd Annual Clan Gordon Dinner

So, last year K’s father and stepmother hosted a Christmas family dinner, which became an instant tradition. It was so good that we gave it an official name, the 1st Annual Clan Gordon English Dinner. It went down as one of my favorite 10 meals of the year, and it was really a huge hit. […]

Christmas Eve Came Early

Some people have one primary activity during the Christmas holidays, and some people, like me, have about 4-5 major events. I’ve got multiple family units that all live in Memphis, so I basically bounce between Midtown and East Memphis (primarily the Old Dutchtown region around Goodlett and Walnut Grove). The best part is that I […]

Leave a Gift for Santa

When I’m not working on my own blog (or doing all the other stuff that I do), I like to use the old interwebs to see what other people are writing about. And the other day, I came across an awesome image and recipe from Perre Magnes’s blog The Runaway Spoon. Perre explains that milk […]

My German Staycation

Unfortunately a trip to Germany was not in the cards for this weekend. So, without the opportunity to see Die Mannschaft,  the German National Soccer team, or the chance to visit the Rhine River, I chose the next best thing, a German staycation. None of this. None of this. Bringing Germany to Me One of […]

Strawberry Tarts and Gigawatts

So, I share a house with a mad scientist. No, not the kind that steals plutonium from the Libyians, pimps out a Deloreon, and sends Michael J. Fox back to 1955. Thankfully, the mad scientist I’ve got is younger, better looking, and more interested in creating a brand new cake recipe than building a time […]

Belly Up

Somehow I walked away from the Memphis Farmers Market, and Newman Farm in particular, with an 8lb slab of pork belly. So, now I’m pumped to learn what to do with it. First things first, I took a hunk of it over to a family party, and we tossed it on the smoker. Turns out […]

Heeeellllooooooooo Newman…

If you spend even a little time in the local restaurants that place a premium on sourcing local ingredients, you have probably come across the words Newman Farm. The Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork is a major hit across town, popping up on a lot of menus. I remember Felicia Willett (Felicia Suzanne’s) explaining that […]

I Scream.

From the future I recently was faxed a copy of the Commercial Appeal dated July 10, 2012. The headline read, “Eat Local Memphis Writer Gains Readers and Weight in Last Year.” The whole thing reminded me of an office episode… In Unrelated News K got me the ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen-Aid mixer […]

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