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Heading Southward

Press play. Now we can begin.   One of the benefits of this whole Eat Local blog business is that every now and then my friends invite me to cool food events, knowing what a good eater I am. That’s what went down recently when I was invited by good friends to join them at […]

The Hold Up – Burger Time at the Holding Pen

In the one year that Hog & Hominy has been open, it has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat in the world. At once it is both extremely high-level and easily accessible. From brunch to hot dogs to sweetbreads to tasting menus to pizzas that are great hot and allegedly better when […]

I Like (Cosmic) Coconuts (10 in 10 – part 1)

October 8, and I’m just getting to post #1 in the 10 in 10 series. For 10 in 10, I’m going to try to blog about 10 new (to me or to the blog) spots during October. To start out post numero uno, hit play on the song below and get started. Saturday morning, my […]

Hello Ciao Bella!

Chef Johnathan Steenerson and his team at Ciao Bella invited me over for dinner the other night to get to know them, to serve as a ‘guinea pig’ for a couple of new dishes, and to try out some of the stalwarts on the menu. I was happy to accept after embarrassingly letting them know […]

Hog & Hominy, or How Brookhaven is in Good Hands – Birthday Week – Italian Feast parts 1 & 3

Ok here’s the deal. I turned 31 on July 7. From July 6-12, I was in full fledged birthday week feast mode. In setlist form it went something like this: Iris > House Party > Country Club > Italian Feast (Hog & Hominy > Andrew Michael > Hog & Hominy) > Iris It was epic. […]

Someone’s Words about Hog & Hominy

  Great article about my buddies Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman and the opening of their new restaurant Hog & Hominy in today’s CA. “Man, I haven’t slept in a week,” said Andy Ticer, but lack of sleep is expected when you’re running one successful restaurant, with a chef-business partner, and opening another just diagonally […]

The Geoff

How do you decide when you’ve made it? Is it when you have a newspaper column? Is it when you get a radio show? What about when you get your own TV show? I imagine those are all pretty good, but I think when you get a sandwich named after you, you are in pretty […]

Swine to the Nines

The benefit of blogging about a meal that only happens once a year (and is a custom menu) is that I guess it isn’t a big deal if I forget to actually post the piece for a few months. Things like that are the collateral damage of having your local eat local blog writer also […]

Holding Out for a Gyro

I love a good gyro. Raffe’s Deli makes a great one. That is all. Get one next time you feel like this: See you there! -Thomas You want to go to there: Raffe’s Deli East Memphis 3358 Poplar Ave Memphis, TN 38111 (901) 458-5110

ACRE – A Celebrated Restaurant Experience

What is a good gift for a couple that loves to eat, works a fair amount, and either writes about food or prepares a ton of it? You guessed it, a Snuggie. No, just kidding! If you’ve been reading along at home, by now you know that I love to go out to eat with […]

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