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The Brunch Report – Rizzo’s

I love South Main. There is so much to do down there, from farmers markets and civil rights museums to soul burgers. One of my favorite places down there is Rizzo’s, whose vegetable plate at lunch is as good as it gets. Fortunately, you aren’t limited to lunch and dinner over there, and their brunch […]

The Shack Out Back at Felicia Suzanne

K’s and my friend Felicia Willett is awesome. If you’ve met, you’d agree, and if you’ve eaten her food at Felicia Suzanne downtown, you know what I’m talking about. So, I was pumped up when I heard that she was redoing the patio on the side of her space. We went to check things out […]

Amped Up at Tamp and Tap

Coffee? Craft beer? Together? That’s the name of the game at Tamp & Tap, which is the latest in a pretty long line of Taylor Berger inspired ventures that have brought Memphians something that they might not have known they wanted until he opened it up. I had my first experience with this great new […]

You Must Walk to Crawl – My Dishcrawl Experience pt. 1

Here’s one of the cool things about Memphis. I’m always finding awesome things that I didn’t know about. Often, these aren’t brand new, and I’m not on the cutting edge, but these are things that other people are all about. There just happen to be so many cool things going on in town that there […]

Bolt to Evelyn and Olive

“Life is one experience that only a fool a could refuse” -Joe Higgs Somewhat recently, K and I hopped into the old family sedan and popped in one of my old favorite reggae albums for background music on our way to a new experience. There’s nothing quite like a small breeze coming through the window […]

Go with the Flo

Good news. Let me try that again. Good news. There, that’s better… Here’s the story, a couple months ago, K and I had a crepe at Felicia Suzanne that was topped with tomato jam. K and I spent the next week talking about the jam, wondering how we could talk Felicia into making us about […]

A Bittersweet Symphony

In May (wow, that seems like forever ago!), K and I were excited about a midweek date that would see us drop by Felicia Suzanne for our customary meal before going to see the Memphis Symphony Orchestra at the Cannon Center. Why Felicia every time we go to the symphony? Because she is cool, we […]

This Burger Will Roxie Your Soxies Right Off

One of the interesting things about life today is the nearly instant access to all kinds of information. Basically, I only really “rack my brain” when my crew is playing team trivia, which is a no cell phone allowed activity, or at work, when someone asks me something that I would know that would not […]

R to the Izzo. Yes to the Rizzo’s

When I was in school back in the day, our headmaster would rhetorically ask, “is this a great school, or what?” That will always stand out as a memory, and thankfully, a question that I answered (then and now) with a “yes!” Well, I’d like to steal a page from his playbook and ask, “is […]

Downtown Memphis is the Home of the Bleu

On Thursday night I was invited to join members of the media (crazy, right???) at Downtown’s newest restaurant for a dinner preview of Bleu. After a couple of weeks worth of cryptic emails and secrecy, I think that everyone was pretty excited to get there. K and I went in to see a newly decorated […]

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