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Colorado 2010 – Creme de la Crema

One of my friends who spend a considerable amount of time in D-town gave me the heads up on her favorite coffee house, Crema Coffee House, which is a little north of Coors Field.

Colorado 2010 – Here We Are, D Bar

On my recent trip to the Mile High City (Denver), a lot of you all recommended that I take a trip to the D Bar in the Washington Park section of Denver. Done. K and I met one of her good friends and husband and tasted it up. First of all, the place is tiny, […]

Goin’ Out West

I’m taking a little trip this week, but I’ll still be hitting the keys and knocking out a few blogs. I’ve got a couple of good ones on tap for the next few days. But in honor of my trip out west to Denver and the home of my alma mater, Fort Collins, here are […]

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