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Cochon Heritage BBQ – Meet the Chefs – Nookie Postal

Here we are on gameday, and I’ve got Nookie Postal on the hotseat. Nookie is the executive chef for the Boston Red Sox, so competition should be right up his alley. If you weren’t familiar, he was a contestant (almost winner) on Around the World in 80 Plates.

Photo by Matthew West, borrowed from the Boston Herald

Here we go!

Cochon Chef Interview

Thomas at Eat Local Memphis – Introduce yourself and let us know a little about you. Thanks!
Nookie Postal – My name is Nookie.  I’m the Exec chef for the Boston Red Sox.  i like long walks in the park, drive in movies and pina coladas… That part is a joke.  not sure if sarcasm really can come through on an email interview…although i do really a mean pina colada..

What lured you into competing in Cochon Heritage BBQ?
I love competition and i love food and specifically pork.  it’s like a match made in heaven. tons of fun and its all for a good cause.

In addition to a competition, Cochon is really about highlighting heritage breed pork. What’s your take on heritage breeds and why they’re important?
Like most of the food in mainstream America, everything is over injected and over medicated and over processed.  I don’t eat that stuff and I don’t feed it to my family.  I’m passionate about raising the best quality animals, and treating them properly.  I think we know so much more know about what factory farming is doing to us and we really need to be going in a different direction.  Cochon is helping that happen.

What breed of pig will you be using in the competition? Why’d you pick that one?
We have a great relationship with a farm in Vermont called Vermont Hertiage Grazers.  She will be supplying us with a Berkshire/Duroc cross.  Gonna be sweet.

What most excites you about your visit to Memphis?
I have never been, so I’m psyched to see the local bbq community.  I’ve heard its a great food scene down there, and of course, my team really wants to visit Graceland..

For the Memphis readers, if they were to travel to your town, what three places would you recommend they go to eat?
Toro, Oleana, Sapporo Ramen

Lastly, rapid fire:

Ribs, dry or wet:  wet
Barbecue ribs or sandwich:  sandi, burnt ends
Bourbon – what’s your favorite:  knob creek
Neat or on the rocks:  rocks


So far the Heritage BBQ weekend has been an awesome one, and I’m super excited to see what Nookie and his team have in store for us this afternoon. He’s another chef that truly believes in the quality of the ingredients and what it means to raise animals appropriately. It is going to be great! See you there!


You want to go to there:

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