ACRE – A Celebrated Restaurant Experience

What is a good gift for a couple that loves to eat, works a fair amount, and either writes about food or prepares a ton of it? You guessed it, a Snuggie. No, just kidding! If you’ve been reading along at home, by now you know that I love to go out to eat with […]

10 Meals I’m Thankful For!

I’m sitting at home with my tie loosened and my sport coat thrown over a chair as I attempt a rapid recovery from round 1 of the K&T Thanksgiving Double. Round one saw a grand buffet at the club, and I’m prepping myself for round two over at K’s dad’s house. I always joke with […]

ACRE is the Place to Be

At long last, Wally Joe’s latest restaurant has landed in an inviting space in East Memphis near Theatre Memphis and Audubon Park. To say that ACRE has been long-awaited would be a mild understatement. People that I know have been talking about it for a long time, wondering, speculating, and anticipating. It was beginning to […]

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