Stuff (you know, items)

Eat Local Memphis is the proud parent of some cool items that you can stick onto things or even wear.  As of now, we have some cool Break the Chain Eat Local t-shirts, stickers, and thermal long-sleeved shirts.

Stickers for your car/amp/wagon/fridge
eat local shirts

“Where can I get these,” you ask.

Now you must make a choice. Do you want 1 or 2 items, or does your local food organization/crew/restaurant/farm/etc want to get a bunch made up?

Still worried about who RSVP’d to the party? Not sure that enough cool kids are involved? Well, pish posh, check out these folks that have already gotten started:

Cafe Eclectic

Crave Gourmet


Muddy’s Bake Shop

South of Beale

To get a shirt or sticker, I would recommend visiting the friendly confines of our small neighborhood bakery, Muddy’s Bake Shop.  To get this stuff in your local business, holler at me at

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