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Part of the reason I write what I write is because—in addition to the fact that Memphis food is tasty and awesome—I want to share the unique nature of local businesses. We have owners/chefs who not only provide superb service and delicious dishes, they also bring jobs to our neighbors, put money directly into our economy, and give us a unique cultural identity. You can go to Nashville or Whateverville and find a Chili’s and a Wendy’s, but you’re not going to find a Felicia Suzanne or an Andrew Michael or an insert your favorite local restaurant.

Unless I am mistaken, our food isn’t prepared in robotic factories from the future, and we aren’t eating pills that simulate the taste of meals, like I imagine they had in Orwell’s 1984. Local food comes from local people, and whether they are farming or flam-baying or flinging drinks at the bar. Local food has a story, each one of those people that raises, prepares, serves, or sells your food was a kid somewhere, sometime.

We take enormous pride in our music, our art, our basketball, and our food. As I get to know those folks who give us bragging rights, I hope to help you get to know them too. After all, they may work in kitchens or on the floor, but they are still your neighbors. We’re the South, damn it—so let’s get to know our neighbors and start greeting them when they walk by our front porches. Even offer a glass of lemonade or sweet tea once in a while.

So without further ado, here are the people that featured in Eat Local Memphis’ Getting to Know series.

Felicia Willett of Felicia Suzanne’s

Margot McNeeley of Project Green Fork

Perre Magness of The Runaway Spoon

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  1. So glad I found your blog! We are planning a trip to Memphis from Springfield, IL this fall (Supersuckers and Rev Horton Heat Show in Nov), and we try to only eat at local places so this will def come in handy! Thanks and keep up good work!

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