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Small Plates, Big Taste

Do you ever go to a favorite website/blog and get disappointed when you see the same post holding court at the top of the page? Well, it gets pretty old when that happens over and over. You just hope that someone will write something, anything. Well, when that was happening to me when I’d check out […]

Bring Your Appetit

Kelly English tends to attach his name to things that are pretty awesome. His restaurants, his love of the Grizzlies, and his loyalty to his adopted city show a series of choices that panned out pretty well. Well, here’s one more thing to add to the list, Le Bon Appetit, a fundraiser for Le Bonheur […]

The Brunch Report – Rizzo’s

I love South Main. There is so much to do down there, from farmers markets and civil rights museums to soul burgers. One of my favorite places down there is Rizzo’s, whose vegetable plate at lunch is as good as it gets. Fortunately, you aren’t limited to lunch and dinner over there, and their brunch […]

The Shack Out Back at Felicia Suzanne

K’s and my friend Felicia Willett is awesome. If you’ve met, you’d agree, and if you’ve eaten her food at Felicia Suzanne downtown, you know what I’m talking about. So, I was pumped up when I heard that she was redoing the patio on the side of her space. We went to check things out […]

A Strong Currence

Sometimes it happens, you’ve been there, right? You get busy doing stuff, and you forget to tell someone a story that you were pumped to tell. Same thing happens with the blog. Good news is that this story (and some of the others coming up) is still a good one to tell. A Northern Excursion […]

The Second Line is First Class

Ever since The Second Line was announced, Memphians (and a lot of food publications) have been eagerly awaiting Kelly English’s newest venture in the 901. I had the great pleasure of joining some friends and family for one last practice run before the official opening on Saturday at 4 (note, as they wait on a […]

Amped Up at Tamp and Tap

Coffee? Craft beer? Together? That’s the name of the game at Tamp & Tap, which is the latest in a pretty long line of Taylor Berger inspired ventures that have brought Memphians something that they might not have known they wanted until he opened it up. I had my first experience with this great new […]

Chefs, Cookbooks, Charity, Collards, and the Catbird Seats

Since getting this thing started, I have written a lot about meals and special events over on Brookhaven Circle. K and I have spent a lot of time at Andy and Mike’s spots Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen and Hog & Hominy. Since AMIK and Muddy’s opened pretty close to each other and are essentially neighbors, […]

Hit Me With Your Best Shot – Shotwell Candy

I write a blog about food in Memphis, so I like to think that I have an idea of what’s going on in this town. Then, I read this blog post on Garden & Gun about Jarrod Smith and his Shotwell Candy Co. Right under my nose and reported in my favorite magazine, someone is […]

Back Again – Heritage BBQ Comes to Town

As a child (or a yoot), I was never too pleased when summer started winding down. I had to change when I woke up, I had to get my haircut, and I had to start cramming in all of that summer reading that I dilly-dallied on all summer. But now, as an adult who does […]

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