About Me

{Update May 2011}

A friend of mine did a little profile of me on her blog, Norococo. Check it out if you want to find our a little more. She said it better than I might be able to!

The Original About Me. Aka Long Live Ozymandius!

Is it pronounced “Eat Local Memphis” or “Eat Local, Memphis?”  I guess that depends on what you want to get out of it.  To me, Memphis is a place that makes me think of food, and then it makes me feel bad for the people that don’t get to eat like I do.  Again, to me, what makes the food special is that it has character, breeds character, and is created by some serious characters.  Memphis is blessed with incredible local food, restaurants, farms, shops, and people.  So, no matter how you want to pronounce it, Eat Local Memphis is here to make sure that our local food scene doesn’t go the way of Ozymandius.


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