The Shack Out Back at Felicia Suzanne

K’s and my friend Felicia Willett is awesome. If you’ve met, you’d agree, and if you’ve eaten her food at Felicia Suzanne downtown, you know what I’m talking about. So, I was pumped up when I heard that she was redoing the patio on the side of her space. We went to check things out for the official grand opening in November at the first annual JR Willett’s Banjos and Bonfires, which raised money to fight prostate cancer in honor of her late father, JR Willett.

Felicia Patio - band
The Side Street Super Club kept everyone warm with some great bluegrass. Notice the new seating on the patio.

Felicia Patio

The bar (dubbed the Shack Out Back), was lit up and rocking.

Felicia shows off the new turkey burger sliders from the patio menu as K laughs, most likely at one of my hilarious jokes.

Felicia Patio - turkey sliders
Close up.

Felicia Patio - tamale pie
Cornbread “tamale” pie. This was awesome, especially on such a cold November night. Not cold like it was earlier this week, but it was pretty serious at that point in the year.

Felicia patio - tacos
Fish tacos. I really need to get one of these taco stands. And some more of these tacos…

Felicia Patio - hushpuppies

Hushpuppies. I might have eaten the whole tray of these.

Felicia Patio - meat pies
Is it me, or are meat pies popping up on menus all over town? Second question, what took so long?

Felicia Patio - hot chocolate and stache


The party ended up with a few last songs, some cookies, and hot chocolate, spiked it you like. Overall, this was an awesome event for a great cause, and I look forward to it becoming an annual event. And lastly, it is clear that with the new bar, furniture and menu, Flo’s Patio and the Shack Out Back are going to be huge hits downtown whenever the weather is anywhere close to manageable.

Felicia Suzanne is already one of the best places to get a bit and a drink in Memphis, and with the addition of this more casual patio, it just gets better. See you there!


You want to go to there:

Felicia Suzanne – Flo’s Patio and the Shack Out Back
80 Monroe
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 523-0877

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