You Must Walk to Crawl – My Dishcrawl Experience pt. 1

Here’s one of the cool things about Memphis. I’m always finding awesome things that I didn’t know about. Often, these aren’t brand new, and I’m not on the cutting edge, but these are things that other people are all about. There just happen to be so many cool things going on in town that there is always something new around the corner. I guess that’s why we have all of these cool blogs and things like Choose 901 and I Love Memphis. We need guides in our own city to keep up.

Well, fortunately for me, Kim over at Dischcrawl is a champion of her own awesome thing that is happening in town, and she invited me to come check out their most recent event downtown. If you have ever forgotten the last leg of a pubcrawl, then you can probably imagine that a Dishcrawl is the foodie version of that great activity. Kim sets up an event based on a neighborhood. So, I signed up to go on the Downtown (North of Beale) Dishcrawl with the knowledge that we would go to four different places for a taste of each place. (Note, you get food at four places included in your ticket. Drinks are on you.)

You get an email two days in advance that tells you where to meet, but other than that, the rest of the locations will remain a secret to be revealed the night of the event. So, here’s part one of my experience.

Meet at Automatic Slim’s at 7:00 on Thursday

That’s the message that me and 40-50 others got last week, and so that’s where I headed.

Dishcrawl 01 - Slims

I headed upstairs and took a seat and started chatting with a couple of other Dishcrawl rookies. There were plenty of folks that had been out on one of these events before, and to me repeat business is always a sign of good things to come. First up, we got a tasting plate of three off-menu items, which served as recruitment pitch for me to go back in the future.

First up was a nice fresh bite of ceviche. Not many things make as much sense as ceviche on a night when the heat index was pushing 110. It was nice.

Dishcrawl 02 - Slims Ceviche

Next we tried a little smoked lamb with mint jelly on a crostini. Yum. Whomever decided that lamb and mint were soulmates can be my wingman any day.

Dishcrawl 04 - Slims lamb

Lastly there was a a banana wrapped in bacon with a tangy honey drizzle. Think about that for a second.

Dishcrawl 03 - Slims banana

You read that correctly. But when broken down into taste elements, this was sweet, salty, and tangy with a combination of textures in the bacon and banana. So, you’re asking, “you mean those two staples of my kitchen go together like Zach and Kelly is what you’re saying?”


Yes. That is what I mean. Now on to phase two.

Much Ado About Aldo’s

We got up and got instructions that we’d take a short walk to our next location. So, down Union went this eating posse, and we headed down Main to Aldo’s for round two.

Dishcrawl 05 - Aldos


If you haven’t been Aldo’s is a pretty sweet pizza spot on Main St. With their other spots Bardog and Slider Inn being big time players in the lives of Memphians, it is no surprise that this place is rocking it as well.

First up was a nice little shrimp and grit action.

Dishcrawl 06 - Aldos Shrimp


Pretty tasty. Tops to me was this nice goat cheese stuffed pepper. Awesome.

Dishcrawl 07 - Aldos goat cheese stuffed pepper


Lastly, we had a pretty delicious olive tapanade to go with that there bread. Also very tasty.

Ok, so part 2 is coming soon. But I want to give a shout out in part one to our awesome host Kim and her sidekick-for-the-evening Paige, who actually ran the first couple of Dishcrawls in Memphis.

Dishcrawl 09 - Kim and Paige

They were awesome hosts and set up a great event. I definitely recommend heading out on one of these. It would be good in a group as a way to see some different places and have a cool social meal. I went solo, and I’d highly recommend that if you 1. like food 2. like talking to strangers. It seems like a great way to meet some new folks and have a good time, two things that go pretty well with a full stomach. See you there!


I want to go to there:

Dishcrawl Memphis – Read about past events and sign up for their emails. Don’t delay after getting an email as the dinners sell out pretty quickly.

Automatic Slims
83 S. 2nd Street,
Memphis TN 38103

Aldo’s Pizza Pies
100 S Main St #101
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 577-7743





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