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I went to Alchemy a bit ago to meet the new chef  Nick Seabergh and try out some of his items. Nick comes up to Memphis from Vicksburg, and he brings some real skill in the kitchen with him. Nice guy, who was definitely excited about cooking up here at Alchemy.

I started out by just filling up my plate with a nice variety of the appetizers that they had out. You can see some flank steak, some house smoked salmon, a little shrimp and grit, a deviled egg, and some potatoes. All good. Real talk.

alchemy plate

One of my favorite plates (for the record, I shared all of this food with some friends at the table), was this roasted asparagus with Benton’s bacon and a fried poached egg. You heard that right, they took one of the greatest items in all of fooddom, the poached egg, and breaded it up and fried it. Genius.

fried poached egg asparagus bacon

Whenever I go to a new place, I always ask around and see what my friends have to say about it. The buddy that I called told me in no uncertain terms that I must get the shrimp and grits. It was really good. Great flavor and awesome tasso ham gravy. Is shrimp and grits the ultimate comfort food? It is at least in the argument.

shrimp and grits

Next up was the great little sliders made with Donnell Farms beef and some pimento cheese. If you’re noticing that Alchemy does a great job of taking simple items and making them better by adding a little twist or an extra ingredient or flavor, you are getting the idea. They do a really good job on the details, which really makes it all standout. Look at those nice custom made buns from Jason Doty at Bluff City. Details.


Say someone comes up to you on the street and offers you some potatoes. He tells you that you can have them prepared with duck fat or without, which do you choose? Obvi, you take the duck fat. Check out that beautiful hanger steak served with delicious duck fat fingerling potatoes. What’s the extra detail besides the duck fat, you ask? Well, that’d be the nice smoke paprika aioli that goes with it all. Yum.


I saved the best for last. These spicy chili roasted fish tacos were off the chain. I know that isn’t very descriptive in the foodie vernacular, but that’s what I have to say about it. If you want be to break it down any further, I would say they were awesome, and they are the first thing that I will order next time I go to Alchemy. How’s that?


Bonus Points

I actually did go back to Alchemy after this meal but before writing this. The next trip was for a drink and a chance to say bye to a friend that recently moved to the very far left side of the country. At the bar, I will typically order a N/A beer, because that is easy. Alchemy didn’t have any, so they offered to make me up a mocktail, which I greatly appreciate. Most times I don’t even ask, because the majority of bars don’t put much effort into that (high praise to Nick at Hog and Hominy and Andrew Michael for making it happen out there). They came back with the most awesome cucumber/citrus mocktail.

Bars would be much more fun for the non-drinker if more people would put their cocktail know-how into making non-alcoholic drinks. So, thanks again for that!

Wrap up

Hit it up. After work, Alchemy looks pretty calm and easy to manage. Late at night, the word is that it gets fun and loud, so whatever you are looking for, this place has it on offer. See you there.


You want to go to there:

940 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN.
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