The Brunch Report – Sweet Grass Sunday

K rolled back into town today (2 Sundays ago at this point) around brunch time, so it was a great chance for us to go out, so that I could get the scoop on her travels. The usual brunch plan involves rolling over towards Cooper Young and figuring out a plan from there. Sweet Grass was the spot, and it was as awesome as usual. Seriously, if it isn’t a part of your brunch rotation, it should be. Here we go, the triumphant return of the Brunch Report.

Apologies for the cellphone photos, which definitely aren’t as good.

Our bartender/server was Johnny, and he hooked me up with a great n/a drink to get started. This was a n/a version of their Morning Refresher, which came out as ginger beer, lime juice, Sprite, and a cucumber. It was awesome and refreshing.


We opened up with a pretty eclectic set of starters, one for health and refreshment and one for comfort. Up first was a brulee grapefruit. It was incredibly sweet and refreshing.

brulee grapefruit


Basically, I love a good grapefruit, and there is nothing wrong with torching the sugar on top with a blow torch.

Biscuits and Gravy


Biscuits and gravy for comfort. These were baked up awesome and tall, and the gravy was rich. What more can you ask for?



A side benefit of running around town with a professional baker is that sometimes her friends that bake will send us out a little sample of their own baked goods. One of my favorite baked items in Memphis is the scone at Sweet Grass. Every week they have a different scone, and they are always awesome. Get them.

For this mega-brunch, one in which we admittedly went a little crazy, we got a couple of entrees. K started it up with the steak and eggs with the truffle fries.

Steak and Eggs

This was decidedly awesome. I mean really, what do you expect?

duck hash

I got the totes awesome duck hash with Henry Bain sauce and the fried eggs. Everything about this dish is good. And lastly, because we are insane, we ordered dessert. Who says “no” to chocolate peanut butter pie? Who? Not me…


I will admit that we had one bite and then took the rest home. Eyes were bigger than the stomach, or so they say.

Last thing. I always have really good service when I go to either of the Sweet Grass restaurants. That was the case again with Johnny offering us up great food, drinks, and conversation. It was a really enjoyable Sunday, and I’d reckon most of you would enjoy it just the same. See you there!


You want to go to there:

Sweet Grass
937 S. Cooper
Memphis, TN 38104

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