Chili vs. Cancer

On November 3 cancer gets a new enemy. We already have runs, walks, yellow bracelets, phoneathons, and all kinds of activities to fight against cancer, but this year the Junior Executive Board of the American Cancer Society Memphis Chapter is stepping up their game with a chili cooking competition at Audoban Park near the Cancer Survivors Park. Great venue for a great cause.

Here’s the short and sweet of it, teams set up early on the 3rd and start cooking onsite. Judging will happen around 11am, then the general admission ticket buyers will come in to the park. Each team is recommended to cook up about 5 gallons of chili, so that after the judging, they can share their delicious creations with the rest of the guests.

General ticket buyers will come by your tent and make donations to taste your chili with all of the proceeds going to ACS. Plans will be to have entertainment, TVs for football, and all kinds of exciting things. Think of a pre-game tailgate, only this time it isn’t SEC football, rather one in which we are all on the same team, the fight against cancer.

Get in the game

All it takes is to take part is to gather up 4 of your buddies and enter a team in the competition. The entry fee is $250 for the team, and you are in the game. Signups are open until October 25, when there will be an all team meeting to go over the plans, so you’ve got a little time to step up your game. Sign up on the American Cancer Society website.

Step it up

I can tell you this. I competed in the Best Memphis Burger Fest as my first cooking competition, and I had an awesome time. It is a great way to spend some time with your friends and raise some money for a great cause. I hope to see as many of you out there as can make it!

See you there!



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