Cochon Heritage BBQ – Kickoff – Rain or Shine

I was talking to Jennifer Chandler, who has a big hand in tonight’s Cochon events, the kick-off soiree and the midnight brunch. She’s pumped up about how cool it is going to be tonight. The good news is that the Peabody is ready to handle the kick-off on the rooftop if the weather is good and in the skyway if Isaac sends some rain our way tonight.

She said that all the chefs, mixologists, and the bologna contestents are getting really into the menu for tonight, so it is bound to be awesome. Here are some of the people that are getting in on the action:

Chefs (I’m not going to spoil the surprise of the menu, too good):
Las Tortugas – Jonathan Magallenes
L’Ecole Culinaire Student Contest Winners
Interim – Jackson Kramer
Acre – Wally Joe & Andrew Adams
LunchBox Eats – Kaia Brewer
The Grove Grill – Jeffrey Dunham
The Trolley Stop Market – Keith & Jill Forrestor
Table for Saffire Grill – Steve Benson
Epicoa / Carson Rotisserie – Blake Carson – Chef Robert Hayes

Mixologists (These folk are mixing up some awesome drinks):
Sweetgrass – Chris Ferri
Bari – Brad Pitts
Alchemy – David Parks
Alchemy – Adam Record
Felicia Suzanne’s – Austin Moore
Acre – Sherianne Bangham
The Cove – Evan Potts
Joe’s Liquor Store – Michael Hughes
Koval Distillery – Jessica Johnson
L’ Ecole Culinaire
Star Distributing
Peabody Hotel
Anchor Brew – Daniel Cruz

Bologna Contestants:
A group of chefs from across the country have sent in their bologna to go up for the title of best in the world.

Adam Kaye
Andrew Zimmerman
Brandon Carter
Cesare Casella
Devin Knell
Gavin Lansdale
Julien Shapiro
Logan Cox
Mark Elia
Matt Jennings
Nick Macri
Tobias Hogan
Travis Grimes
Wes Morton

All in all, tonight is going to be awesome. There are a couple of tickets still available, so if you don’t want to miss out, you don’t have to. See you there!


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