The Geoff

How do you decide when you’ve made it? Is it when you have a newspaper column? Is it when you get a radio show? What about when you get your own TV show? I imagine those are all pretty good, but I think when you get a sandwich named after you, you are in pretty good shape.

Here’s to Geoff Calkins, because he has made it.

Republic Coffee makes some mean sandwiches, but none are meaner than the Calkins. This smoked salmon, capers, and cream cheese wonder is Sunday column material.  They have an excellent brisket sandwich as well, but since it isn’t named after one of our areas most decorated sports writers, it didn’t get the nod this time. Here’s to Calkins continuing to take up for Memphis when renegade sports writers (TJ Simers) denounce our city, and here’s to his sandwich. See ya there!

Oh yeah, and read the paper.


You want to go to there:

Republic Coffee
2924 Walnut Grove
Memphis, TN 38111
Republic Coffee on Urbanspoon

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