Brunchmark at the Brushmark

Sometimes you end up “finding out” about something that you should have known about already. That happened the other day when K and I were looking for brunch after church a month or so ago. We were near Overton Park, so off goes the little light bulb and I wonder if the Brushmark, which serves an excellent lunch, has a Sunday brunch. Yes, yes they do.

After that first test run (no camera, sorry), the Brushmark got bumped up to holiday status, and my family went for Palm Sunday brunch. Click play on the song below and check out the menu.

At the first brunch I got the scoop from Wally Joe on a couple of items, and this time I was quick to order the Corned Beef Hash, which he had recommended. They cure their own meat in house, and it was an amazing plate of corned beef, potato cakes, salad, and a couple of fried eggs. This is not for the weak of heart or stomach.

Here’s another look at it.

It was really awesome. The corned beef was super flavorful, the eggs added depth and made it a “brunch” item. The potato cakes were crispy and the salad made me not feel so bad about myself.

Here’s the delicious looking quiche that my lovely grandmother got. It had smoked salmon and goat cheese in it! One thing that you’ll notice about many of the brunch items is that they are served with nice salads. Great touch.

Here are some amazing looking crepes.

Finally, no brunch is complete unless someone orders off the lunch menu. Of course, one of the family favorite items on the lunch menu is the hamburger. Bacon, excellent meat, and a side of great fries all combine to make this one of my favorite burgers around. Definitely a hit!

Here’s the deal. Go get you brunch on at the Brushmark. And, I’ll help you out a little bit, since it will be Sunday, and there is no football yet, do yourself a favor and get a little culture while you’re at it. I finished my brunch with a tour of the museum and the excellent art collection it houses. It was especially fun for me to see one of my mom’s pieces in the Memphis collection and one of my stepfather’s pieces out on the lawn outside the museum. I’ll be back. See you there!


You want to go to there:

The Brushmark
Memphis Brooks Museum Of Art
1934 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
Brushmark on Urbanspoon

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