Happy Easter

How do a couple of 30 year olds combine the joys of Easter as a child with the responsibilities of bringing food to Easter brunch?

This is how.

Easter-style deviled eggs. You should have seen the chickens that laid those eggs! Not really, we just dyed the egg whites while we made the filling. All in all, K came up with a good plan and it was executed perfectly!

And really, what has more irony than making deviled eggs on Easter?

Hope you had a great Easter weekend, ours was a fantastic one with a beautiful Easter Vigil on Saturday night at St. Mary’s Cathedral (I recommend going next year if you haven’t been before), a Easter party after that and more family, food, pastel ties, seersucker, and egg hunting on Sunday. Alleluia!


One more thing. I can’t neglect to mention the Tradition Unlike Any Other, skip ahead to 6:30.


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