Comment Away: The Out of Town Question

I just asked this on Facebook, and I want to follow up here. It is Springish outside, and that makes me think of traveling. So, here’s a question for all of you:

If you could take one local restaurant from anywhere in the country, pack it up, and plop it down in Memphis, what would it be?

I’ll keep track and make a little list to share with you all. It will help us all when we go out of town!


22 thoughts on “Comment Away: The Out of Town Question”

  1. There is a pizzeria in Little Italy/North Beach San Francisco called Tony’s. They have the best pizza. And by “the best”, I’m being literal, not figurative. They were cited as one of the top pizzerias in the US by USA Today. I dream of their sausage and potato pizza, as well as their clam and garlic pizza.

  2. Christian’s Pizza in Charlottesville, VA. Downtown needs one, but I think Memphis needs one. A good, pizza-by-the-slice place. Walk in, 15 different awesome pizzas at the counter, walk out with what you wanted 7 minutes later. Christian’s is delicious, efficient, and cool.

  3. Some more fast casual, family friendly, tasty / inexpensive local restaurants would be great. Urban Cookhouse in Birmingham comes to mind, they locally source what they can, the food is great, and it’s perfect for a busy week night dinner.

    Really, we need some good coffee shops with great lunch options like Urban Standard.

  4. Tomato Head (Market Square): Knoxville, TN. All local, fresh food. Unbelievable sandwiches, delicious brunch, tasty desserts. One of the only things I will miss about the city of Knoxville when I graduate!

  5. Bar Tabac on Smith Street in Brooklyn. Lynn’s Paradise Cafe on Barrett Ave in Louisville. Fuel Pizza in Charlotte, NC. I could go on and on. . .

  6. Spitale’s? I used to live in Loranger (hubs is from there.) In all the years we have been married, I have never eaten at Spitale’s. I could name about 100 restaurants between Lafayette and New Orleans that I would love to plop down in Memphis. I would have to say Juniper in Mandeville.

  7. OK – I’m going to second Tomato Head and add Deerhead Tavern in Evansville, IN. There is also a place in Greenville, NC called the Starlight Cafe where I had the best Shrimp and Grits of my life.

  8. The Coffee Addict in New Albany, Mississippi, and Vainisi’s which is next door. Coffee Addict has the best cheesecake anywhere, and Vainisi’s has a fantastic thin crust pizza with “white sauce” (garlic and oil). Both locally owned by awesome, hospitable folks.

  9. The Coffee Addict in New Albany, MS has the best cheesecake anywhere, and a fabulous turkey cranberry panini. ( Vainisi’s, which is next door, has the most delicious thin-crust pizza with “white sauce” (garlic & oil.) And, you can call them before you want to dine in and place your order, and they’ll have it sitting at the table for you! ( Both are owned by friendly local folks.

  10. Since the hubs and I just got back from a trip to Chattanooga, I’ve got Chattanooga on my mind. I would say The Terminal Brewhouse ( They source local, microbrew, and their food was amazing. (c: We will definitely be back, and if the hubs gets his way we’ll be eating there a lot, since he’s itching to move. (c:

  11. I’ve got several. But I’d love to see Stanley, the breakfast joint in New Orleans. And I’d also love to have another New Orleans restaurant, but this one’s a po boy house, Mahony’s on Magazine St.

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