This Burger Will Roxie Your Soxies Right Off

One of the interesting things about life today is the nearly instant access to all kinds of information. Basically, I only really “rack my brain” when my crew is playing team trivia, which is a no cell phone allowed activity, or at work, when someone asks me something that I would know that would not be readily available on Google (take that interwebs!). So many times, I just type the question that I’m wondering into the ol’ Goog, and I find out how to properly slice up a jalapeno pepper, how to properly install a new light fixture, or just what movie was that guy was in before.

Let’s say you were sitting around wondering where you could find a great burger in Memphis. Maybe you even dared to wonder who serves the best burger in Memphis. Type “Memphis best burger” into the ol Google, and you’ll likely find the Best Memphis Burger blog near the top.

(Sidebar – start humming some Braveheart like music in your mind) This blog is all about one man’s quest to locate the best hamburger in a city full of legit hamburgers. Bam!

So this site has become a bit of a resource for me and my burger chowing crew, which primarily consists of me, the Counselor, and the Professor. So the Counselor hollered at me a bit ago to ask if I had tried out Roxie’s Grocery. Never heard of it, so I checked out the BMB blog on it, and in true Jerry McGuire fashion, he had me at “It was like a double giant Tops Bar-B-Q cheeseburger on steroids.”

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That being said, the Counselor and I fired up the Eat Local mobile and headed over to 520 N. Third, which is right in the middle of the Uptown development to try a couple of these Uptown Burgers. We zipped into the grocery, which is dark and a little crowded on the inside, headed to the back, checked out their burly menu (includes corndogs), and ordered a couple of burger combos for the road (no place to eat inside).

Here’s what it looked like plated up. This burger went total #beastmode. Two patties, and really one would probably be plenty. Three cheeses melted all over the place. Onions and peppers that had been grilled up made a great addition, and the classic white bun soaked up all that goodness like you know it should.

This is another shot of the monster. The meat was seasoned well and cooked just right. This thing was seriously delicious.

Here’s a shot that gives a little perspective on this thing. Those soft hands may not have spent many days doing manual labor, but they aren’t tiny hands either. Eating this thing was like doing curls.

So here’s the verdict. Not afraid to take on one of Memphis’ best and biggest burgers? Go get the Uptown at Roxie’s. That sounds like too big of a task? Try one of their smaller options. Roxie’s is right on the border of Downtown/Uptown, easy to get to, and delicious. If you like it, give props to the Best Memphis Burger man. Thanks for the tip!


You want to go to there:

Roxie’s Grocery
520 N 3rd St
Memphis, TN 38105
(901) 525-2817

Roxie's Grocery on Urbanspoon

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