The Things I Do – Bacon Coffee Edition

I called my mom this afternoon to tell her a story about how Eat Local Memphis has affected my life. I had just finished a marathon lacrosse coaching session from 8-12 this morning, and I zipped over to Poplar Perk’n to get a hot drink. Without looking at the menu, I just ordered up a latte, got my drink, paid, and started to walk out when I looked up on their special board and saw this:

I had never seen this on TV, as I typically only watch TV in bunches on Netflix or when I’m trying to watch the Tigers, Manchester United, or basically any football game that is on the channels that my antenna picks up (yes, I use an antenna for TV). Buuuuuutttt, I do read a lot of blogs, so I know that bacon has been at an all-time popularity high lately, like Clark’s desert boots and old-school, non-automatic coffee brewing techniques.

Thus, the bacon mocha coffee has made it to Memphis. Sounds like something that Zoolander would get. I asked the nice ladies behind the counter about it, and they confessed to never having tried it, although they assured me that at least two or three people do like it. I also found out that they ended up with the bacon-flavored syrup, because a customer brought it in for them to try out. So, I did what a food blogger does, and I said (internally of course) “screw it” and ordered one.

Next thing I know I have two coffees, one that I wanted and one that I was compelled to order. The International Bacon Lobby will be pleased that their guerrilla marketing has done a number on me.

How was it you ask? It was like a regular mocha with a hint of smokiness. It was more aroma than flavor, and it was like the inference of their being bacon in my drink, more than the idea that there might be some thick sliced Benton’s floating around in there. What was my experience, it was like drinking a mocha that made me think of bacon, and as a man, bacon is one of those things that has never really let me down. So the smell of bacon is somewhere up there with the smell of freedom and the smell of a game winning shot. If that makes sense to you, then, I guess we are kindred spirits. If it doesn’t, then don’t worry, you are probably much more normal than me anyway.

Go try one, or just take my word that it was interesting. Either way, I guess it is nice to know that it is there, just like freedom.


PS. I didn’t take a picture of the coffee, because it just looked like every other coffee in a to-go cup.

Poplar Perk’n
4610 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117
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