Hopefully most of you are making the most of this Monday night and are watching the college football national championship game. I’ve been looking forward to the possibility of four more quarters of LSU and Alabama since the first time the squared off. It really is a statement by the SEC, that in addition to winning five consecutive national titles, they’ve got both teams in the final game this year.

With this game featuring two dominant teams, K and I had to get with the program and get a dominant take out order for the game. While this may no be a traditional tailgate, our dinner from Sekisui Pacific Rim (SPR) is a great matchup for the game. With LSU, I first think of the awesome secondary, led by Claiborne and the Honey Badger. With Bama, I think of a powerful running game with Richardson and Memphis’ own, B. Jones.

When I think about the awesome team at SPR, the standout is the crab salad. It is simply put together, but like any great team is better than the sum of its parts. Losing the quick access to this salad has proven to be the most difficult part of moving to Midtown from a place right in their neighborhood.

This is a Heisman-level salad. Take my word for it.

The other awesome part about watching LSU and Bama is that they are both so stocked with talent. With each of these there is the chance that a really good player that hasn’t gotten a lot of publicity will step up and be the x-factor. There is a similar situation going on with my sushi order as well. K went off the grid and deep into the depth chart to pick out some rolls that aren’t a part of our normal starting lineup (INSANE FOOTBALL METAPHORS!!!!).

I’m not even sure what all we got, but I have a feeling that, like tonight’s game, it will be all good.

Enjoy some football, and I hope you’re enjoying your gameday meal!


You want to go to there:

Sekisui Pacific Rim
4724 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 767-7770
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One thought on “SEC! SEC! SPR! SPR!”

  1. Ok, from top left:
    BB roll, eel nigiri, big mouth roll, tuna roll, house cucumber roll, egg omelet nigiri

    Hope that helps!
    ps. your logo is still the Christmas version :)

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