And It Stoned Me – Stone Soup Edition

Van the Man

Beyond the word play, I think you can find some similarities in the Stone Soup Cafe and our old buddy Van Morrison. When you listen to the above song, you notice that there isn’t any trickery or fanciness, it is just good music. Music that you could imagine someone making without an Autotune or an insane knowledge of Pro Tools and sampling. You can imagine that song would be just as good with just a guitar and a voice.

I got the same vibe from the Stone Soup Cafe. Here’s why.

Coffee n Eggs

First things first. Cup of coffee at breakfast. Nice coffee and nice branded mugs.

K got a pretty simple little breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns and toast. The hashbrowns are definitely good, and the toast is nice and thick, like it had been sliced on the premises.

I am much more burly than K, so I got a similar meal with a biscuit and bacon. The hashbrowns were good, nice big biscuit, eggs cooked right. Again, nothing fancy, just good, well-cooked breakfast food. Really, what more do you want?

K’s dad stepped outside of the box a little bit and ordered up the quiche of the day. I think it had tomato, onion, cheese, and pesto. It was definitely pretty good. Great for those of you that want pie for breakfast but can’t pull the trigger!

Drop on by

Stone Soup is a nice little spot to eat some good food and spend a little time. While the food wasn’t exotic, it was all good, and the service was excellent. There’s nothing like hanging out over a Sunday breakfast with full cup of coffee. They’re a nice addition to Cooper Young, and they definitely bring something different to the table. See you there!

2 bonus tidbits

I’ve since been back for lunch, and they whipped me up a great pimento cheese blt, which came on big thick bread, so I’ll definitely head back again to try that out!

I also hear that they have a nice little market inside, so that’d be worth checking out during the WILD HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON, which is only mildly stressing me out!


Stone Soup Cafe
993 S Cooper
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 922-5314
Stone Soup Cafe on Urbanspoon

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