Whose House? Corned Beef House

A week ago a friend of mine told me about a place that she’d heard of over on the corner of Jackson and Dunlap just off the Northish edge of Downtown called the Corned Beef House. She had heard that they serve corned beef (naturally), barbecue, and breakfast all day. Obviously, I had to go. We pulled a lunch group together and made the trip over there.

Before the Counselor headed over, he asked some of his fellow law folk if anyone had ever heard of this place. Allegedly, there used to be a number of Corned Beef Houses all over town, and it was a major late night eatery, like a CKs or something (more on this later). Word on the street was there was one in the bottom flour of the apartments next to the Midtown Seesels Schnucks Kroger, and it would blow up on the weekends.

Now, I think we are down to just the Corned Beef House on Jackson (while writing this I found out that there is one on Airways as well), which is a little like a less inhabited Summer Ave. Honestly, this place is kind of fascinating. It is that surprising piece of Memphis that most of us have experienced if you are willing to look for the gems in unsuspected places. That, my friends, is one of the things that makes this city awesome. See if this sounds familiar: The neighborhood could be considered “pre-gentrified” or “off the beaten path,” the place is not fancy by any means,  I will admit to getting panhandled once while there, but DAMN the food was good. This might be enough to turn some people away, but not me.

The House resembles a slightly messier CKs in layout, in that the cooking is all done right behind the counter, and there are some similarly styled laminate booths to sit it. And that is where the real story begins…

What Else Would I Get?

Of course I had to order corned beef. There wasn’t really a question about that.

This was basically a patty melt-style corned beef sandwich on rye. It was great! My sandwich came as a plate, so I had two sides coming my way as well. Because they are pretty much my favorite vegetable, I got the greens.

This was a mess of greens with some serious ham in them. They were mighty fine! I also got a side of sweet potatoes, which were super sweet and delicious.

To top it off, they surprised me with a cornmeal pancake to go with all of the rest.

It was all good, and it was a serious amount of food for a good price. Can’t say enough about that.Fore one more example, check out the Counselor’s plate.

Nice, eh? I didn’t get a picture of it but my friend the Developer said her hamburger was extremely delicious.

Final Arguements

This place is it, one of the places that makes the Memphis that we live in worth exploring a little bit. Like I said the neighborhood and the restaurant weren’t fancy, you could probably even say that both had seen better days, but once I got that plate of corned beef and greens in front of me, it didn’t matter where I was.

I know there are more places like this out there, and I hope that you all will share them with me, so that I can share them right back. Thanks to AB for the find of the Corned Beef House and hosting our lunch there. We’ll have to do it again, pretty soon. See you there!


Corned Beef House
845 Jackson Ave
Memphis, TN 38107
Jackson Corned Beef House on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Whose House? Corned Beef House”

  1. I’ve had this on my list of places to go forever! (I don’t like corned beef, so that’s been the stumbling block.) So glad you checked it out! I also heard something about Bob Dylan either eating there or filming a video there or something. Any idea?

  2. There is definitely more than just corned beef, so that shouldn’t stop you. I didn’t know anything about the Dylan connection. We’ll have to find out! Maybe an Ask Vance is in order…

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