The City of (Three) Angels

Memphis isn’t ever going to be confused with LA, the city of angels, but I think for the most part that’s alright. There are times when I imagine the LA weather would be nice (read August and February), but I’ll take the Grizz over the Lakers any day of the week. While we may not have the moniker of the City of Angels, we do have some angels to be proud of. Specifically, we can point to the Three Angels Diner on Broad St.

St. Soup

K and I started out with an awesome cold avocado soup. It was rich, refreshing, and delicious.

St. Sammy

K got some advice from our very friendly server that the fried egg sandwich was a popular choice. And really, why wouldn’t it be? Who doesn’t like a good piece of bread with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a fried egg?

K was highly complimentary of the sandwich, partly because it was packed with lettuce and tomato, adding some refreshment and nutrients to the the hearty egg and bacon. She claimed it was one of the best egg sandwiches around!

If you look to the edges of the plate, you will see that the sandwich comes with their homemade chips and a deviled egg! Honestly, I am down with anything that is served with a deviled egg. That makes it feel like you are eating breakfast the night after a big party or on a holiday weekend. Good stuff!

St. Chilly Chicken

One of the best parts about making or getting fried chicken for a dinner party is the cold chicken that you get the next day. Now, I know that you might not all agree with me, but I like the cold chicken as much as the hot. Fortunately for me the Three Angels believes in this as well, so they serve both today’s hot chicken and yesterday’s cold chicken (at a discount).

Their chicken is deliciously seasoned, and the skin has a nice crunch, courtesy of being cooked perfectly. It isn’t easy for chicken to maintain that crunch over night, so this is a pretty big deal to me. In addition to the chicken, I got my choice of a couple of the veggies of the day (also a major selling point). Here is the whole hook-up.

Mole sauced corn and delicious green salad with onions and jalapenos. Insane! Both were seriously good. Take a closer look at those greens. You’ll probably feel healthier just for looking!

St. Broad

Get on over to Broad Street and the Three Angels Diner. Broad is starting to grow into something that could be really cool, so it’d be nice to support those that got in on the action early. Besides, supporting food like this is easy. See you there!


You want to go to there:

Three Angels Diner2617 Broad Avenue
Memphis, Tn. 38112
Hours: Tues-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 11am-4pm
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