Fun at Fino’s

Somehow I haven’t yet written about Fino’s yet. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t eaten there, as I always seem to end up there on days that I don’t have my camera in tow. But not last week!

F is for Fino

Fino’s From the Hill is one of midtown’s gems. An Italian deli and caterer, Fino’s is packed with delicious meats, cheeses, sides, and all kinds of goodness. I went with the Aquisto sandwich, which is a ham, mortadella, and salami sammy with provolone cheese and a green olive dressing.

This sandwich was a monster and it was awesome. Next time I’m going to gun for the half sammy.* One of the best parts about Fino’s, in addition to the good sandwich ingredients, is that they use an awesome hard bread for a platform. Hard crust, soft middle!

F is for Freakin’ Awesome

In addition the my sandwich, I got my old stand-by, the pasta salad. I know that Michael Jordan was never the sidekick, but the pasta salad has close to MJ Factor going on here, as I get it every time, even as I change my sandwich order. If someone can come up with a good metaphor for the sidekick that is actually more important than the main character, then I would be happy to use it!

Despite being a food blogger, I really can’t describe this pasta salad other than saying that it has olives, is different than normal, and a little bit creamy. But I can say that I truly get it every time I go to Fino’s. Nuff’ said.

F is for Found

While I was writing this blog, I remembered that I did have a couple of old shots from Fino’s that hadn’t made it into a post, so my footnotes can be complete!

* – Really, this will be so I can justify adding a popover to my order. They are my other favorite thing at Finos. Here’s one from a while back, a beauty.

Here’s a shot at the tiramisu a friend ordered, and that she claims is insane delicious.

And lastly, did you know that Fino’s is a great place to get your Break the Chain – Eat Local t-shirt action on? Well, now you know.

S is for See You There!

I’m sure most of you have been to Fino’s before. One non-food thing that I really like about it is that at lunch time, it always feels full, but not crowded. And no matter how many people are in line, the food comes out pretty fast. It is a great midtown spot, and if you haven’t gone, well this is your call to action. See you there!


You want to go to there:

Fino’s from the Hill
1859 Madison
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-FINO (3466)
Fino's Italian Deli & Catering on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Fun at Fino’s”

  1. Thomas–
    Thanks for the kind words and great pics. I really love that you enjoy the food and atmosphere, and even more so that you like it enough to write about it. It has been almost 2 years now since I bought Fino’s and am always glad to hear people say that it is exactly the same or better than ever. A couple of new sandwiches on the menu, a new pizza, and a few new Pasta Specials so please continue to branch out (my staple was the NY Club) because I am trying to keep the same-ole-same-ole with some new exciting stuff.
    Thanks again for the kind words.

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