The Brass Door is Solid Gold

Since I am not exactly getting the scoops on places opening up, and there are other (much more prolific) bloggers (Paul and Kerry) that are doing an awesome job of getting to places when they open and writing about them in a timely manner, you are probably well aware of The Brass Door downtown. I’m going to share my reasons about why you should be even more aware of it.

If Looks Could Kill, You Would be an Uzi -Salt n Peppa

The Brass Door is located in an old bank, and has been lovingly restored and put together. With marble walls, a beautiful bar, and great dark furnishings the place really is a pleasure to see. With three levels and a lot of different space, it will also provide visual variety to its patrons, which should make you want to go back more often.

Big Shrimpin’

One of my buddies had been over here a number of times for parties and lunches, and he told me that he’d been coveting the shrimp toast, but that he had yet to pull the trigger on it. So, like a loyal friend, I ordered it for the table, so that we could tell my buddy about it (if you believe this reasoning, I have a bridge to sell you). I really didn’t know what shrimp toast would be, but I was impressed when I saw it.

Shrimp toast is shrimp sauteed with garlic, shallots, lemon, heavy cream and butter, served over toasted brown bread. Let me tell you what, this is some rich sauce. Glad I split this, or else my food coma would have probably gotten the jump on me and started before I got my entree! Take a closer look.


Lightening Up

After the intensity of the shrimp toast, K made a wise decision to go light for her meal. When I think of Irish food, awesome salads aren’t the first thing that I think of (that’d be potatoes and cabbage), but the Brass Door will make me think twice about them now. Here’s K’s soup and salad.

The Brass Door Salad is a mixture of greens, strawberries, melon, orange, and toasted almonds. The salad was very fresh and tasty, and it was a nice summer treat. The potato leak soup was also a big hit.

Black BELT

I went with the old-fashioned tactic of asking the server what everyone else liked to order. He responded that the BELT (Bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato) was a big hit, so that was that.

The sandwich was great. It came on a nice bread, had good bacon, and the egg was just runny enough. Awesome sandwich. Like Kerry of I Love Memphis, I also have to point out the fries. You can see that they were cut from a whole potato and are thick and well cooked. Have a closer look at sandwich and fries.

What really made the fries stand out to me was the salt. You can see the coarse salt on them, each crystal a burst of flavor that takes the fries to the next level. Awesome

Open the Door

Go downtown and visit the Brass Door. If you live or work down there, you have very little excuse for not getting over there. It was a great place for a lunch, and I imagine it is a great place for a beer. They also open up on Saturday mornings for English Premier League soccer, so you’ll be able to find me in there some days with all of the other fans. See you there!


You want to go to there:

The Brass Door
152 Madison
Memphis, TN 38103
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