This Pie is Spelled Q-U-I-C-H-E

Fuel Me Up

After a couple of excellent meals there recently, I am convinced that Fuel Cafe is one of my favorite places in town. Not only does it have an awesome location in an old service station on Madison, but they also manage to make everything seem like it came out of your kitchen at home, if your kitchen at home produced everything at an extremely high level. This isn’t to say that the food is simple, rather that the food is the type that makes me comfortable (salads, tuna melts, sandwiches, fries). And it is done in a way that makes you (me) say, that couldn’t have been any better.

So the other day I was out running errands early, and I wanted to pick up some breakfast to bring home. Fuel it was, and I just went with the quiche of the day.

This awesome quiche and salad was perfect. See you there!


PS. Get the fries and the truffle dipping sauce. You’ll thank me.

You want to go to there:

Fuel Cafe
1761 Madison
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 725-9025
Fuel Cafe on Urbanspoon

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