Strawberry Tarts and Gigawatts

So, I share a house with a mad scientist. No, not the kind that steals plutonium from the Libyians, pimps out a Deloreon, and sends Michael J. Fox back to 1955.

Thankfully, the mad scientist I’ve got is younger, better looking, and more interested in creating a brand new cake recipe than building a time machine. Well, the other day she donned her goggles and got into the kitchen laboratory to work on something new.

Here are the results of her efforts. This strawberry, basil, and goat cheese tart was a major hit around our house.

This dish used very little sugar, and the strawberries really provided the sweetness. The combos of flavors were great, as the strawberry and basil were made for each other (like Marty and Jennifer).

It also doesn’t hurt that K makes what is easily the best pie/tart crusts that I have ever had. Perfect platform for this delicious treat!

I don’t know who your mad, kitchen scientist is, but I recommend you convince them to try something new. Good things can happen!


One thought on “Strawberry Tarts and Gigawatts”

  1. I am my own mad kitchen scientist! Apparently after working all day in the lab (UTHSC graduate student) I then decide I want to spend all night in the kitchen.

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