Beauty and my Best Photo Ever?

I take ok photos. I also use a pretty decent camera, which helps, so must of the shots that I post on the blog are pretty decent. None are great like those by Sophorn, Kip, Amanda, and others, but some are pretty good. It helps that my subject matter is normally something that is pleasing to most people, food, and I imagine that makes people like the photos even more. I’m no master or aperture, I’m not a maestro of ISO, and I’m certainly not the Top of the f-stops. But I will admit that I loved this photo as much as any that I have snapped…

The sandwich was better than the picture. Egg, bacon, sprouts, cucumbers, tomato, toast.

Here it is one more time.

Look Good, Shoot Good

Besides being one of my favorite restaurants in town, the Beauty Shop is also a photographers delight, as they have awesome light to shoot their food in. Combine that with nice white plates on slightly contrasty wooden tables, and you have a mix that allows an amateur like me to get a couple good shots in.

Brunch Bunch

I also like the B. Shop, because I never go there alone. I’m always with a crew of people that I care about, and that makes a big difference. So whether it is the post-church brunch or the friend gathering or the co-worker lunch, I always enjoy it. Plus, they have the friendliest staff around. It has really been a pleasure to get to know the Clays, Tias, Joes, Karens, and all the other awesome folk over there.

More Snaps

Here are a couple of other shots from this trip:

Fish tacos. Awesome!

Fries. Plus sugar and cayenne. Spicy and sweet, an awesome treat.

Fruit. Not just melon any more.

Pancakes. Lemon and ricotta. Amazing.

Get Your Face On

Go get beautiful food at the Beauty Shop. Looks good, tastes good. See you there!


You want to go to there:

The Beauty Shop
966 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 272-7111

4 thoughts on “Beauty and my Best Photo Ever?”

  1. The Beauty Shop is delicious! And your photos are awesome. I went for dinner one night and had some of the best food I’ve had in a while, but the lighting made for some rough photos. Looks like I need to go back while it’s still bright outside!

  2. Your photos are awesome, I start to salivate every time I see one.
    So Beauty Shop is a must try now. That sandwich looks awesome.

  3. These photos mislead me when I went to try Beauty Shop for the first time for their lemon ricotta pancakes and BLTA sandwich. I came to eat at Beauty Shop for Sunday brunch about half an hour after it opened. Lemon ricotta pancakes: burnt and no powdered sugar. BLTA sandwich with egg: only 1 egg, overcooked with little yolk left and burnt. Asked waitress if it’s supposed to be 2 eggs while ordering, the waitress said yes. Asked waitress after about number of eggs, then waitress said only 1 egg. After seeing the overcooked egg, I asked the waitress to tell the cook to recook the egg, egg ended up undercooked with little yolk and burnt again. The cook needs to clean his/her cooking surface. I did not receive the complimentary side (chips or fruit) with my sandwich either (as stated on the menu). When we asked the waitress that all sandwiches should come with a side, she quickly defended the restaurant by saying that the BLTA does not come with either chips or fruit, and added that they have ran out of chips (when the restaurant has barely started its day). Overall, this has been the worst brunch experience I have been to. I tipped the waitress well for helping me change the egg (as I felt that it was mostly the cook’s fault, not hers), but I will never be going back.

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