Heeeellllooooooooo Newman…

If you spend even a little time in the local restaurants that place a premium on sourcing local ingredients, you have probably come across the words Newman Farm. The Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork is a major hit across town, popping up on a lot of menus. I remember Felicia Willett (Felicia Suzanne’s) explaining that not only was their Berkshire pork delicious but the Newmans are awesome people to work with and get to know.

So armed with this info, I was very excited when I made my first purchase from them at the Downtown Memphis Farmers Market the other day. While I was too late for pork belly (get there before 9am if you want some, or call in advance), I was not too late to pick up a pack of pork chops and a pack of bacon. I’m making the pork chops tonight, so I’ll talk about the bacon today.

B is for bacon. B is for best.

I got a beautiful package of sliced bacon that was just waiting to be cooked up.

I slapped some slices in a pan at low heat and started to get the rest of my lunch ready. K’s dad is a great cook, so his recommendations carry a lot of weight in our house. When he told us to hit up the Gracious Garden for their incredibly flavored tomatoes, we took his word as law and went there right away. Next time there, I will also be getting their arugula, which is just unreal. You really have to try it to believe it, so spicy and delicious. I sliced up one of their tomatoes, K picked some fresh basil from the garden, and we got to making our alternative BLT, the BBT.

While we got that ready, the bacon finished up and we loaded up the sandwiches. Don’t forget the mayo, both sides.

The bacon was just fantastic. It was flavorful, and it cooked well, meaning that it wasn’t plagued by the weird fat bubbles that often pop up on bacon that is too thin. Just amazing flavor. Here’s the final product. I guarantee there will be a lot more of this in my house this summer!

Head on down to the market this Saturday and pick up some of this to try for yourself!


PS. I finished this post in the morning after eating the Newman pork chops last night. I’ll write about them, but they might be better than the bacon!

You want to go to there:

Newman Farm
at the Memphis Farmers MarketCentral Station Pavilion, Downtown
Front Street and GE Patterson
Memphis, TN 38103

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