I Scream.

From the future

I recently was faxed a copy of the Commercial Appeal dated July 10, 2012. The headline read, “Eat Local Memphis Writer Gains Readers and Weight in Last Year.” The whole thing reminded me of an office episode…

In Unrelated News

K got me the ice cream maker attachment for our Kitchen-Aid mixer for my birthday.I’ve been hoping to get one of these for a while, especially since I head that Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams had released a cookbook. Jeni’s is one of my favorite Someone Else’s Local establishments. These are places that are loved in their hometown the way our local places are loved by us. Even though Jeni’s is local to Columbus, OH, I will tell you that you can order their ice cream online. I will not judge you if you do so, lest I then have to judge myself for the pint of backyard mint in our freezer…

Now that I have my own ice cream maker, I don’t plan on buying or ordering much ice cream at all. I will take advantage of local resources to make my own. Here’s how I spent some of last night.

This lemon buttermilk ice cream is my first effort, and it won’t be the last! Thanks to my mom for sharing the recipe from the Radically Simple cookbook. Next up? Making Jeni’s backyard mint with the mint from our back yard. You can also bet that I’ll be hitting up West Wind Farms for their raw (pet) dairy products to make this happen.

I Scream. You Scream.

Make some ice cream for yourself. Isn’t it too hot to do much else?


One thought on “I Scream.”

  1. I had no idea that Kitchen-Aid made an ice cream attachment.

    Love the blog, gonna find a copy of the cookbook, looks like Kitchen-Aid is fixin’ to sell me more equipment, and keep up the fine work.

    Makes me miss Memphis when I’m out here Summering in South Jersey.

    Air Traffic Mike

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