I Am an Easter Feaster

Don’t Be a Sucka – Wear Seersucker

Easter. A day of rejoicing, singing, seersucker and Lily P, and feasting. In case you aren’t aware, Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, so it is a pretty big deal. For many of us, the first chance to say Alleluia after Lent is the perfect time to have a celebratory family gathering over a nice meal. Easter is kind of the unofficial opening of seersucker season, an opportunity to wear that perfect, puckered fabric that is dedicated to keeping us cool and making us look cool. I am such a proponent of seersucker, that a clothing company that makes the best pants around (Bonobos), named last season’s seersucker suits after my suggestion (The Counselor and The Senator). I am kind of an expert witness…

This Grove aint in Oxford

In my family, one of our go to family spots it The Grove Grill in Laurelwood Shopping Center (which appears to be keeping Davis-Kidd – whew!). The Grove offers a great combination of good food, a good volume level for talking it up and family gossip, and great service. They also offer an amazing Shrimp and Grits, but we’ll get to that later. I would tell you what table we normally sit in, but since it is so good, I don’t want to risk losing it…

Start It Up

This post will lean heavily on the photos, because as a group we ate a lot, and it all looked (and tasted) good. Feast your eyes on the starters that hit our table.

Accuse me of lacking an adventurous spirit all you want, but this Caesar salad was a delight. Cold cold crips greens are the right way to start off an Easter brunch (especially when I had been to an earlier Easter brunch – the perils and joys of a large family).

Here’s the oyster and artichoke soup with pesto. Well reviewed by the history teacher at the table. Good marks ol’ chap.

This was the real deal. Gazpacho with green apple sorbet. Created a shocking change of temperature and flavor. This was easily one of the highlights of the day. Great idea and execution.

Last part of the first part. What’s a trip to the Grove if you aren’t going to take advantage of their great fried green tomatoes with pepper jelly. Perfectly crisp and tart and the jelly adds a delicious sweetness to the whole thing. Awesome.

Movin’ On Up

After a strong first course and a lot of fun family conversation, we made the transition to brunch entree’s. I was pretty excited about my order, as it was a collaboration of many of my favorite items. Mix two parts poached egg, 1 part crab cake, 2 parts fried green tomato, and a dash of asparagus, and you would get what I got.

The crabcake benedict was a huge success. Using a thick cut fried green tomato in place of the english muffin was a nice touch. It created a great flavor and crisp, so I was pretty excited about that. The crabcake was good and full of nice crab meat. Awesome!

Salmon croquettes and homemade slaw. Well received and well reviewed. The asparagus was a great side for many of us.

My mom was wise and got their shrimp and grits. These are some of the best that I’ve ever tried. So much flavor. If you like shrimp and grits in the least, go to the Grove and try theirs. Insanity.

Just a lil’ Guy

One nice touch at the Grove is that they offer an assortment of mini desserts. These come in small Mason jars or dainty ramikins, and are just the right size for those hat want a treat after a burly feast (ex. me). I went with the creme brulee, and it was rich, sweet, and creamy.


We also had a nice little pecan pie mixture that came to the table in a little jar.

Basically, this was an Easter feast for the record books. We all went home extremely satisfied and filled up. If you’re looking for a nice brunch or dinner to go to with family, give the Grove Grill a shot. They have always been back in Laurelwood serving up great fare, and my last trip was no exception. Seriously though, if you ever take my advice, do so again and get the gazpacho and the shrimp and grits. If I’m wrong, then, well, I guess we just don’t like the same stuff, because it is good! See you there!


You want to go to there:

The Grove Grill
4550 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38117-7502
(901) 818-9951
Open Mon-Thu,Sun 11am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-9pm
Fri-Sat 11am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10pm
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