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I am supportive of anything that allows me to use the phrase, “it rose like a phoenix.” Well, good news for me and you, but that time has come. Let’s take it way back. When I was in high school, there was a cafe/market located near the Paradiso, where now a yoga studio rules. At some point while I was off in college, this place ceased to be. BUT WAIT.

As of a few weeks ago, Cheffie’s has risen like a phoenix, and has landed in High Point to grace us all with awesome salads and sandwiches. This is huge to me on a couple of levels. One, I am psyched to know that Cheffie’s is back. Not only was I a fan of the original, but after coming home I was able to get to know Jennifer Chandler, who put this place together, and I’ve become a fan of her as well.

Jennifer Chandler - Way to go!

Two, and maybe even more important, I grew up in the neighborhood around High Point. It has my grocery store of choice for roughly 19 years, and I have always wanted to see it turn into more of a neighborhood flashpoint that it was. With a pizza place and a cafe to go with the grocery and the pub (did someone say free shuffleboard?), and all of that being a hop, skip, and a razor scooter ride away from the Greenline, this has more flash than the paparazzi. Amazing thing for a great neighborhood.

Enter Sandwich

My friends and I had been talking about getting over there ever since we heard it was about to open. As I thought about it, I realized what better way to put a new build-your-own-sandwich place through its paces than to put my favorite sandwich together.

If for some reason you forgot, or in case you haven’t been reading this blog as often as I had hoped, my favorite sandwich is a pimento cheese BLT. Known in some circles (my circle and at Muddy’s Bake Shop) as the Thomas sandwich, it is my best chance at immortalizing my name in food similar to Arnold Palmer or Mr. Monte Cristo.

Pretty awesome! The pimento cheese was right up my alley in that it was more cheesy then creamy (if that makes sense), and the bread was a nice wheat. Awesome. Now if they’d just put it on the menu and name it appropriately…(kidding, kind of).

Thomas – Pimento = BLT

Now one of my friends with me has her own ideas about what makes an awesome sandwich, and to her it is the BLT. AK is basically a BLT connoisseur. Here’s how her BLT turned out.

Looked awesome on that great bread!

BYOS – Build Your Own Salad

My last friend, H, who has an icing shot named after him, went the salad direction. He got all of the same options about building his own salad as I had with my sandwich. See below for inspiration.

H put together an awesome looking salad, and he had a great report about it.

You could literally put whatever you want in there. That looks like a chicken caesar with sun-dried tomatoes. I’ll definitely be back to get my green on.

Hey! Ho! Gelato!

It took a lot (read none) of convincing to get us to go sample the gelato bar. Jennifer gave us the scoop about all of the flavors, and she recommended the Tiramisu for me.

It was a hard call (read OMG the Peanut Butter was good), but I’m always up to take the Chef(fie)’s choice, so that’s what I went with. She was more than right, and it was an awesome cap to a great lunch.

Now if only they had a good plan for dealing with a food coma…

Do yourself a favor and head over to Cheffie’s. Between its location, awesome patio, and great food, you will most likely leave a very happy camper. If you happen to live near High Point, it is going to become the flashpoint for the neighborhood. Great place to see friends and have a nice afternoon/evening together. See you there!


You want to go to there:

Cheffie’s Cafe
483 High Point Terrace
Memphis, TN 38122
open every day, 7 am to 9 pm
Cheffie's Café on Urbanspoon

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