Did You Ever Know that You’re My Gyro?

Raffe, not Raffi

The other day I was out in my neighborhood running errands, and after having skipped breakfast I was feeling the need. The need to feed. So, I did what anyone would have done, and made the trip over to Raffe’s Deli & International Beer Market on Poplar to get a little nourishment. I think that I am correct, but I pronounce Raffe’s the same way I would pronounce Raffi, the famous children’s singer.

I am pretty positive (can Nan confirm?) that Raffi was my first ever real concert. I can just imagine the Cook Convention Center full of all the little kids from Buntyn Preschool and all of the mom’s.

Now that I think about it, I bet just bringing up Raffi makes parents cringe, thinking about all the times they had to play the same songs over and over in carpool.  If that doesn’t make a true hero, I don’t know what does… Thanks Mom and Dad!

There Goes My Hero

I have never been to the Mediterranean, so I’m not sure why the combination of dropping temperatures and incessant rain made me want Mediterranean food, but I was feeling a gyro all the way. Now, I’ve always been a fan of the traditional deli sandwiches at Raffe’s, but there was never any doubt as to what I was going to get as I pulled up.

This sucker came with thickly sliced meat, which was slightly different from most gyros that I have found. Between the flavorful meat, the good pita, and the tzatziki sauce, this gyro was the heat (TR slang for awesome). In addition to this beast of a pita, I wanted to get some extra green.

The Tabouleh Salad was fresh and delicious. It has strong crisp flavors from the parsley and some lemon, and it was a great sidekick for the richness of the gyro.

Gardening for Beer

Raffe’s has a pretty monster collection of beer, so if you are interested in picking up the Samuel Smith Winter Welcome, the Rogue Mocha Porter, or a nice sixer of PBR, they are a good place to start. You can mix and create your own six-pack, which is always nice when trying out new beers. They beer garden in the back is a nice place to drink out and watch the game as well. One for here, six for the road.

There Goes My Hero

Get on over to Poplar and Reese for some Raffe’s Deli. It is quick, easy, and good. Good chance you’ll bump into me. See you there!



You want to go to there (just in case you are wondering, I am not this bad at English, but I love 30 Rock, and this is Liz Lemon’s catch phrase when it comes to places with food):

Raffe’s Deli and International Beer Garden
3358 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111-4644
(901) 458-5110 ‎
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