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I was reading a blog the other day about my favorite “local to somewhere else” ice cream shop, Jenni’s in Columbus, OH. It was about them using partner ingredients to make awesome things. In this article they made a sweet hot chocolate using local milk and cream. So, I decided that since we had an upcoming snowpacalypse, I would gather some resources for a serious hot chocolate.

Goodbye Swiss Miss

First thing first, I reached out to Jennifer Chandler on Twitter (follow her) for her take on what I called a “good” hot chocolate. I wasn’t talking about Swiss Miss here. She told me the secret was to mix whole milk (substitute half of the milk for half & half for true decadence), a quality dark chocolate bar, cocoa powder, sugar, and vanilla. I took the recipe that she sent me and ran with it. Here goes nothing.

In case you can’t understand my wild mind mapped image…

Hot Chocolate by Jennifer
2 cups whole milk (or 1 cup milk and 1 cup half and half)
1 teaspoon sugar
2 teaspoons cocoa powder (I think, this is what I used, but it got cut off the twitter message)
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
4 oz. of a good dark chocolate

Put the milk on the stove (I’d suggest to put it in a pot first, muhahaha), heat it up at about medium, add in the dark chocolate and stir. Then add in the cocoa powder.

See, so easy, even I can do it. Notice my highly technical grip with the pinkie finger curl. They don’t teach that in culinary school, it just comes naturally…

Pour that concoction into your favorite mug. Look at that rich color, this stuff is thick and rich. While I was putting the chocolate together, K was using her skills to whip up some fresh whipped cream, which I would recommend. It is just a combination of heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla, whipped together. Say 3/4 of a cup of cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and a few drops of vanilla. Mix with a handmixer or your counter decorating kitchen aid (our choice).

Now comes the time to introduce the two. Plunk a hefty portion of that whipped cream onto the top of the chocolate. My chocolate was dark and rich and light on sugar, so the whipped cream really added the traditional light sweetness to the drink. Use accordingly.

We topped the whole thing off with some shaved chocolate. It made an awesome cold weather treat. Honestly it was so rich that I wasn’t hungry for a while after drinking this. Like putting a full dessert into liquid form. It is the perfect companion for snowy weather and would go especially well with a pair of cold hands that just came in from outside.

Hope you enjoy the weather as much as we are!


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