Aint No Time to Stash the Gumbo

Get that Gumbo Out

It is freezing, windy, snowy, and all those awesome things out there. Just the kind of weather that makes me want to eat soups, stews, or perhaps the ultimate Cajun concoction, gumbo. Last week, cold weather sent me in search of something to warm my body, mind, and soul, and Dejavu was the place that delivered (figuratively, not literally).

This gumbo was full of seafood and spices. As I worked my spoon through it, I ran into a large crab claw. They don’t mess around with you on Florida St. They hook you up with a serious gumbo that will take the coldest chill and replace it with thoughts of Bourbon St, Mardi Gras, and the Louisiana family that you wish you had in the kitchen when you grew up. Awesome! If there’s ever a day for it, today is the day. See you there!


You want to go to there:

936 Florida Street
Memphis, TN 38106-1745
(901) 942-1400

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Bonus – Phish – Gumbo video

2 thoughts on “Aint No Time to Stash the Gumbo”

  1. Susan,

    I’m pretty sure the restaurant on Ridgeway has closed, but at one point they had two locations. The one I go to is on Florida, downtown off of Crump. It is worth it!

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