Extra! Extra! Brie(d) All About It!

I don’t know what’s going on out there, but I swear the grilled cheese sandwich is evolving at a rapid rate. Maybe I just haven’t been hip to winds of change, but whatever is going on I like it. Yesterday Jennifer Chandler posted her recipe for a grilled jalapeno pimento cheese sandwich. As on of the great proponents of all things pimento cheese, I can support this message. Last week, I had an insane grilled cheese at Felicia Suzanne, which will be a highlight of the upcoming interview I had with chef Felicia Willett. And just recently I came across this bad boy…

It Has a Nice Personality…

The Beauty Shop has a grilled cheese of the day everyday at lunch. I just happened to walk in on the day that it included brie cheese, spinach, and oven roasted tomatoes. It was rich. It was decedent. It was flavorful. The tomato gave you a shot of unexpected flavor, the brie was incredibly smooth and rich, and the spinach allowed you to believe that this was healthy. It is hard to argue against that. Lastly, Beauty Shop uses an awesome bread for their sandwiches, and this one felt more toasted than grilled with a lot of butter. Sometimes I want the buttery bread, but this gave the sandwich a firmness that allowed to focus to be on what was inside. This grilled cheese looked good and had a good personality. Win-Win.

It doesn’t matter what’s on their grilled cheese of the day, you can take my word that it will be pretty awesome. See you there, and don’t forget the chips!


You want to go to there:

Beauty Shop
966 South Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104
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(901) 272-7111
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