About Darn Thyme (Bistro)!

I don’t know about you, but the word “thyme” invokes this song and visualization every time I see it or think about it.

What an awesome movie.

About Thyme

I’ve been meaning to get out to Thyme Bistro for a while now, so I was excited when K and I made plans to try it out last weekend. The short, short version of the Thyme story is:

The slightly longer version is “We’re a local restaurant serving up internationally inspired food. Enjoy a great meal on our fantastic patio, in our relaxed dining room or at our friendly bar. We take pride in providing a wealth of options to our patrons.” I’m always into going to places that have a good identity and that put a premium on local ingredients, so this sounded right up my alley.

Hello Hummus My Old Friend

Before we went over there, I got on Twitter and asked the folks at Thyme (twitter) for some recommendations. First thing I got from them was that I should try out the white bean hummus. It was a good call on their part!

The hummus had a good flavor and the pita was grilled just right. Good app to share with the table.

I’ll Call You, Flounder

I’m a big fan of ordering whatever is special for the day, most often it is going to be something fresh and something that the chef is excited about cooking. The nights fish special was a flounder over an orzo.

This flounder came in two filets that were nice and slightly crisp on the outside and flaky on the inside. The fish had a good flavor and was served over a slightly (read as not overly) cheesy orzo. Orzo is always one of my favorite sides, as it is capable of holding in a lot of the flavor of whatever you cook with it. Overall, this was a nice, flavorful dish that remained pretty light.

Mary Had a Lamb Shank

Another one of my recommendations was to try the lamb. Done and done. I love a good lamb shank, so I was excited to try this one out. This sucker was braised for 8 hours and is served with roasted vegetables, olives, and the juice of the lamb. This gives the whole plate a ton of flavor.

I was a big fan of the addition of the olives, which I wouldn’t have thought of. It gave a contrasting flavor and saltiness to the rest of the the plate. It was great to mix bites with a small piece of olive to get that quick shot of saltiness added to the meat and veggies. As for the meat, it was cooked just right. It had a seasoned skin on the outside, and the meat just fell off the bone with the smallest amount of pressure.


Coffee and Tart

After a filling meal and a nice date, you often don’t really need dessert, but you want to find a way to extend the good times and enjoy a little bit more of the efforts of the skillful cooks in the kitchen. I fall into the same camp. Definitely full, I was easily convinced to order up a dessert to share with K and a couple of coffees just to make our date go a little later.

We went with the chocolate hazelnut tart with the graham cracker crust. It came with a nice scoop of super vanilla ice cream. This was a smallish dessert to share that really hit the spot.

Good to see one of our local places serving up a local cup of joe. The Ugly Mug went great with chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla flavors of the dessert. So it was a great combination.

Thyme’s Up

This was a mighty long review, so I’m going to wrap it up. Thyme’s a great little place to get out and try some different dishes. I’m definitely interested in going back for the beef brisket hash, the hamburger, and the pizzas. They’ve got a lot going for them out on Quince, so take a trip over there and see what you think for yourself! See you there!


You want to go to there:

Thyme Bistro
5689 Quince Road
Memphis, TN 38119-7017

Lunch | Tuesday-Friday | 11am to 2:30pm
Dinner | Tuesday-Sunday | 5pm-Until

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4 thoughts on “About Darn Thyme (Bistro)!”

  1. I have never been asked to leave an empty restaurant because they were booked. We came in at 5:15pm Saturday 2/12/2011 with my mom and dad to eat dinner. The parking lot was empty and we thought it was closed, even though the cheep neon sign said open. When we walked in and all three hosts kept their heads down, not even a simple hello or welcome! Then one asked, “Do you have reservations?” Us thinking ”for what, your empty restaurant?” We did not. They told us “The entire restaurant was booked solid at 6pm and that would not give us enough time to eat, so good-bye”. Then they turned their heads back down and ignored us. I was appalled and could not believe what I was hearing. Are you kidding me? Was this a joke? I promise you every person I talk to will know not to even waste his or her time going to here because the service at Thyme was nonexistent. I give this place maybe one month before they go out of business. And this same comment will be posted on every website that advertises this terrible establishment!!

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